DesignFreeQ in Sci-Fi

These spaceships were rendered by Rey.Hori using our DesignFreeQ modeler to create the basic wireframe geometry and processed with Shade, a Japanese 3DCG rendering package. The spacecrafts appear on the cover of Sci-Fi paperback The Eternal Flame and The Arrows of Time authored by Greg Egan, translated by Makoto Yamagishi and Tohru Nakamura, published by Hayakawa Publishing Inc in Japan.

Measure Tool

Here are the secrets to the Measure Tool support:

(1) in the “Utilities” menu select “Add Command…”
(2) in the “Add Command” dialog select “Measure…” from the left popup
(3) click the >> button to move the command to the right popup and save the command
(4) go to the Utilities menu again and select the new item “Measure…”
(5) click “New” in the Measure dialog and select two points in your geometry