DesignFreeQ DesignFreeQ Windows

On Windows, download our zip file containing the installer (setup.exe). Unzip and double-click “setup.exe”. The installer adds DesignFreeQ to the Windows Start Menu and puts a shortcut icon on your desktop. To use all features, this version requires a dongle. If it’s not present, printing and export features are disabled, but it allows you to save your drawings in VLM format. If you purchased a dongle, also run WkRuntime.exe to install the drivers. Without driver and dongle, DesignFreeQ will take a bit longer to launch.

 DesignFreeQ MacOSX

On Mac OS X, download the dmg file. Double-clicking the dmg file opens a Finder window and gives you a choice of 3 different localizations (English, German and Italian). Drop one of the DesignFreeQ apps onto the icon representing the Application folder. Start the DesignFreeQ app by clicking the icon in Launchpad. This version also requires a dongle to use all features. Contrary to the Windows version, saving in VLM format is not allowed without dongle. On Mac you need not install dongle drivers but without dongle, DesignFreeQ will take longer to launch.

 DesignFreeQ App Store

Alternatively, get DesignFreeQ from Apple’s or Microsoft’s App Store for a quite reasonable price. Both App Store versions do not require a dongle and are certified on their respective platform. These versions are unrestricted but come without IGES translator and simpler DXF-12 im-/export.

Follow us on twitter for free promotional codes. Available on a first come, first served basis, promo codes are valid until 12/16/2017 for one free download of DesignFreeQ. The download does not expire, it’s like a regular purchase.